Welcome to the website of the ERA-NET project REFAWOOD (Resource-efficient fuel additives for reducing ash related operational problems in waste wood combustion).

  • REFAWOOD - Combustion fire

Objectives of REFAWOOD

The overall objective of REFAWOOD is to improve economic and environmental conditions and enlarge the market for the use of wood waste fuels in CHP-plants by using resource efficient additives such as recycled gypsum during combustion.

Specific aims

  • To propose efficient and innovative fuel additive design concepts for reducing ash related operational problems (corrosion/fouling/slagging) in combustion of wood waste fuels
  • To perform full-scale combustion tests to demonstrate effective fuel additive design concepts
  • To show how wood waste fuels and new additive concepts can be integrated to the CHP plants in ways that are economical, benefit the environment, conserve natural resources and provide the CHP plant a fuel mixture with right quality
  • To show how fuel additive design concepts are related to reduced operation and maintenance-costs (O&M costs).
  • To propose recycling processes for ashes from waste wood combustion and additives to reduce the cost paid for landfilling.
  • To determine the environmental and economic effects of using various additives in waste wood combustion in CHP/heating plants.